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From: Jack Santoro
Subject: Exploring, Part 9, Adult Friends, 9/?Exploring, Part 9
By Jackinnmyahoo.com Chris and Jerry weren’t able to make our next
rendezvous, and then several other things came up to
prevent us meeting, so we did not get together for
three months. Finally we all were free on the same
weekend, and thus were able to meet at my house on
Saturday morning. It was summer, and the weather was
I’d told them to expect breakfast, and when they
arrived the odors of bacon, eggs, toast, and hot
coffee filled the air. We sat at the kitchen table
filling ourselves and discussing recent events. I led
“The cops are no closer to solving the doctor
shooting across town than they were the day it
happened. They went over this guy’s life with a
fine-tooth comb, and found that he was a heavy gambler
but didn’t owe any money, so they concluded he wasn’t
rubbed out by the mob. His wife’s been screwing around
with their neighbor, but again this wouldn’t provide a
motive for murder. Anyway, she doesn’t own a gun, and
certainly doesn’t have the skill to do a sniper shot.”
“Is the doctor Eric worked over still an open case?”
Jerry asked.
“Oh, the case is open, all right, but nobody’s
working on it. Keeping it open is just a token effort
because the cops don’t like to tell a victim’s family
that they’ve given up, but actually they Lolitas Bbs Pics
haven’t got
anything to go on. I’m sure that Eric’s safe.” Eric
heaved a sigh of relief at hearing this, and I knew
that he’d been worried about it.
“Eric, I’ve got to stress one point,” I continued.
“You have to be careful about keeping your mouth shut.
Don’t tell anyone that this doctor circumcised you. In
fact, don’t discuss circumcision in any way with
anyone outside this room. You can understand that,
can’t you?”
“Oh, yes, I know exactly what you mean. I’ll keep my
lip zipped.”
“I’m glad to hear that. A criminal defense lawyer I
know hands out business cards to clients and one of
the tings printed on the back is `Remember: Even a
fish would not get caught if he kept his mouth shut.’
That’s good advice.”
“Anything happen with the other cases?” asked Chris.
“Well, I can’t Lolitas Bbs Pics
Lolitas Bbs Pics monitor those the way I can keep tabs
on what’s happening in this town where I have contacts
with the cops, so I have to watch the wire services
and the Internet. So far, I haven’t seen anything on
them. I believe that they’re all on the back burner
because the cops don’t have anything.”
“That’s pretty good news, I think,” said Jerry. “The
longer there’s no action, the better the chances are
that the cops will forget about them.”
“That’s almost true,” I said. “Crime doesn’t stop
just because some doctor gets shot. Other people get
shot, people get mugged, raped, kidnapped, and banks
get robbed. The work keeps piling up, and the cops put
their best efforts where there’s a chance of
identifying the perpetrator. No murder case is ever
officially closed, but the cops put their effort where
they think they’ve got a chance.”
“Now there’s one thing that I’ve had at the back of
my mind for weeks,” I continued. “Maybe some newsman
is having a slow day, and is looking around for a
story. If he gets the idea to search on the Internet
for doctors being killed, he might turn up these
cases. That changes the whole picture.”
“How do you mean?” Eric was suddenly more alert.
“Well, the big weakness in this country is that cops
don’t talk to each other. Police agencies are very
territorial. They don’t exchange information much
because most of them are preoccupied with protecting
their turf. If some reporter starts looking at doctors
who got shot, and he finds that two or more have some
notoriety because of circumcision, he’ll start
connecting the dots. We’ve got at least two of these
doctors who took high-profile public stances promoting
circumcision. He might realize that these shootings
haven’t been just isolated cases.”
“Yeah, but if different shooters did them he wouldn’t
be any closer to identifying them,” said Chris.
“You’re right, of course,” I answered. “However, it
would give these shootings a totally new complexion.
Cops might start investigating if any of these doctors
had ever been sued for circumcising someone, or if
they’d received any threats from guys they’d
circumcised. That might develop a short list of
suspects. Also, the more cases Lolitas Bbs Pics there are, the greater
the chances that something will develop in one or more
of them.”
The meal finished, we took off our clothes before
going outside to the hot tub. I saw that Chris was now
using the longest of the stretching cones he’d
obtained, and that it elongated his shaft skin almost
three inshes beyond his glans. When he took off the
tape and let the cone drop out I commented:
“Hey, Chris, you’ve got a nice overhang there. It’s
about half an inch beyond the head.” It was indeed,
tapering smoothly over his mushroom and narrowing down
to an attractive nipple in front.
“He looks like he was never clipped,” added Jerry.
“That’s what I want to look like someday,” said Eric,
who had a ring of white tape around the end of his
penis, stretching the shaft skin over his large helmet
shaped glans.
“Peel that tape off so we can see the progress you’ve
made,” I urged. Eric unwound the tape ring and the
skin retracted, coming to rest about half-way down his
glans. Jerry grasped Eric’s prick and gently pulled
the skin back behind the flaring rim.
“Look at that,” he said, pointing to his son’s
flaring corona. “See how it’s smoother than before,
and shiny from being covered.”
“My rim’s more sensitive now,” Eric said. “With that
extra skin, it feels really good when I stroke it over
the rim. I don’t need lube to jack off anymore,
either.” As Eric was speaking, Jerry began stroking
the shaft skin up over his son’s corona, and we
watched Eric’s prick swell under the stimulation. His
shaft was straight, like mine, and like mine it had a
big vein running down the right side.
We sat on lawn chairs before getting into the tub,
chatting and comparing notes about our restorations.
Our pricks were stiff because of the sexual content of
the conversation, as well as from manual stimulation.
Chris sat beside me and his strong fingers had
squeezed my glans through the enveloping skin until my
prick was firm, and then he’d skillfully pulled my
tight foreskin back until it lodged behind my rim. I’d
done the same for him, and our purple knobs were now
fully exposed, glossy in the morning sun.
Jerry held his son’s penis upright, with the Lolitas Bbs Pics skin
fully retracted and bunched up in the groove behind
the flaring rim. Only Jerry’s penis still had the head
covered, but only because his foreskin was so long
that it extended an inch beyond the small glans even
with erection. Eric had grasped the end of his
father’s foreskin and was pulling on it gently, as if
to stretch it beyond its present length.
“We’d better not stay out here too long with our tips
exposed,” I warned. “The tissue of the head is mucus
membrane, not true skin, and it gets sunburned pretty
easily. A sunburn on the head of your prick can be
very nasty, whether you’re circumcised or not.”
“That’s right,” added Chris. “I knew a guy who went
to a nudist colony once and he got sunburned down
there. He was circumcised, and didn’t even think about
it. He sat in the sun all day and when he got home his
tip was really red and burning. He didn’t get over it
for a week.”
“Did he lose any sensitivity from that?” Eric asked.
“I don’t really know. He didn’t say. He just told me
that he’d gotten his prick sunburned and that it hurt
really bad on the tip.”
“I’d guess he did,” I offered. “The ultraviolet burns
and dries out even the skin on your body, and the
effect must have been worse on his glans.”
“I think it’s like when you get your lips sunburned,”
said Jerry. “The lips are also mucus membrane, and
it’s pretty unpleasant when they’re over-exposed to
the sun.”
“Then let’s get in the tub,” I suggested. “The water
absorbs some of the UV. We can go inside in a few
minutes.” We lowered ourselves into the hot bubbling
water and relaxed, although we maintained our
“I don’t think I’ve ever had my tip exposed to the
sun, except maybe once or twice when I took a pee
outside,” Jerry admitted. “I always skin back to pee,
and my tip must have been exposed all of 30 seconds.”
Eric had skinned him back, and through the Lolitas Bbs Pics bubbling
water we saw the small purple helmet at the end of
Jerry’s shaft. His copious foreskin was gathered in
thick wrinkles behind the head, as if to emphasize the
smallness of the glans.
“I guess your helmet’s pretty sensitive, being always
covered,” I said to Jerry.
“Yeah, it is,” he replied. “I know I’ve got the
smallest tip here, but I think it’s more sensitive
than any of yours.” I easily believed him, having seen
how little stimulation he required to blast off
“Well, I’ve had enough water,” Chris said after about
15 minutes. “Let’s go inside and get serious.”
“I second that,” I said as I got up out of the hot
tub. We went into the bathroom and dried each other,
never losing our erections because of our mutual
“I really like the progress you’ve made, said Chris
as he sat down next to Eric on the edge of the bed.
“I’d like to play with your skin a while.” When Eric
nodded, Chris grasped his prick around the shaft
behind the head and began to stroke the loose skin up
over the corona. This Lolitas Bbs Pics was as far as it would go at
this stage, but the effect on Eric was striking. A
blissful look came over his face as Chris rubbed Lolitas Bbs Pics and
compressed the nerve endings in his rim with the newly
re-grown skin, while I worked on Chris’s prick with my
right hand. Jerry, sitting next to me, had grasped my
hard prick and was gently working my foreskin up and
down, covering and baring the big purple helmet. With
my left hand, I twisted Jerry’s foreskin around his
fully-covered head, and then pushed it all the way
back to bare the tip.
“Eric’s really getting turned on,” I observed to
Jerry. The psychological effect of re-growing his
foreskin’s doing a lot for him.”
“Yeah, but his tip’s more sensitive too,” Jerry said.
“I know this for sure, because he told me last week
that during the night the tape came off his cock and
the skin slipped back. The contact of his cock-tip
with the bed sheet was so intense it woke him up.”
Jerry’s prick was leaking a thick stream of natural
lubricant, and I worked this into the front dome of
his small helmet. I traced circles around his tight
slit, certain that if I kept this up jets of cream
would soon spurt from his prick.
“I had an experience like that years ago when I got
restored,” I said. “One night I turned over in bed and
pressed my prick against the sheet. The foreskin got
pushed back, and the sudden contact with cloth brought
me wide awake. That’s when I knew for sure that the
return of sensitivity was real, and not in my head.”
As I was speaking, Jerry’s dexterous fingers were
manipulating my foreskin lightly over my swollen
helmet, sending ripples of sensation down my prick.
Eric was breathing hard as Chris pumped his skin over
the swollen rim. We could see that Eric’s big helmet
was becoming darker purple, and his balls had drawn up
tightly under his body. I thought it was a good idea
that I’d had us place a folded towel under each of us,
as I didn’t want the freshly washed bed sheets soaked
with sperm.
Eric’s face tightened and his eyes closed as Chris
increased the pace of his strokes. The front dome of
Eric’s helmet was dark and glossy, straining with
excitement, and we all watched as the glorious moment
“HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” Eric grunted as his body shook
with the powerful contractions of orgasm and the first
thick white jet erupted from his tip. He threw his
head back as his legs trembled and another jet burst
from the straining glans. I smelled the characteristic
chlorine odor of his sperm as another torrent poured
from his distended orifice, falling back onto his
prick and balls.
Now Eric’s spasms became weaker and his powerful jets
changed to dribbles. Chris had stopped stroking him,
aware of the increased glans sensitivity Lolitas Bbs Pics
that comes
with orgasm, and was merely holding his shaft skin
tightly back to stretch its nerve Lolitas Bbs Pics endings as Eric’s
orgasm gradually ended.
I turned to look at Jerry. His face was flushed from
having witnessed his son’s orgasm, and his prick was
straining in my hand. I said to Chris:
“I think Jerry should be next. It’s clear he’s ready
to come.” Chris turned from Eric and eased himself
onto the carpet between Jerry’s legs. He reached for
Jerry’s scrotum, which was normally as long and loose
as his foreskin, but was now tightly drawn up against
his perineum.
“Just relax, Jerry,” I said. “Chris and I are going
to give you relief right now.” Jerry nodded silently,
and I continued:
“I’m going to stroke you, but a bit differently this
time. When I feel you coming, I’m going to pinch the
end of your foreskin shut, the way we do when we pee
in the shower. You’ll feel your cream all around the
head and it’ll make your foreskin swell like a
balloon.” I began pumping his foreskin, twisting it as
I stroked. Jerry’s foreskin had such a long overhang
that even on the back-stroke the head remained
“Your glans is pretty Lolitas Bbs Pics hard in there,” I commented as
I palpated his prick, testing its engorgement. Jerry’s
breathing became ragged as his excitement mounted, and
I purposely kept my stroking slow and deliberate to
keep him on the edge for a few more precious seconds.
I knew that the feeling of anticipation was almost as
intense as the orgasm itself, and I wanted to prolong
his pleasure. Chris kept kneading his scrotum,
fondling his balls inside their tight sac and adding
to Lolitas Bbs Pics
Jerry’s sensations.
“Now I’m going to pinch your foreskin shut,” I said
as I grasped the puckered end between thumb and
forefinger of my left hand. I continued to massage his
glans through the long foreskin, feeling the hardness
of his engorged corona with each stroke. Jerry’s
breathing became shallow and rapid, and I knew that he
was right on the edge when I saw his eyes close.
“HAAAAAHHH!” he bellowed as I felt the first shock of
orgasm in his prick. He threw his head back and
shouted again as another throb hammered against my
encircling fingers. Inside his foreskin the hard, thin
jets were splashing against his sensitive nerve
endings, and I saw his long hood begin to distend with
the volume of sperm he was ejaculating into it.
It was no longer necessary to stroke him, and I
pulled the end of his long fleshy hood out from his
body, stretching it as I watched it balloon out with
another ejaculation. His hips were bucking as he
groaned mindlessly, totally overwhelmed by the fury of
his orgasm.
Eric had meanwhile revived and was now standing in
front of us, watching his father succumb to the throes
of his climax. He was wiping himself with the towel on
which he’d been sitting but his eyes were fixed on
Jerry’s throbbing prick and ballooning foreskin.
I had the long foreskin tightly stretched out to
stimulate its many nerve endings, and the pressure of
the sperm Jerry was disgorging into it made it distend
even more. I felt every spasm in his shaft, as I held
it loosely between my fingers. The tips of my
encircling fingers were on his urethra, and I felt
each pulse clearly as he continued to drain himself.
Now I felt the pulses weaken, and I knew that within
seconds he’d be merely dribbling into his grossly
distended male flesh. Jerry sighed and I saw his body
relax as he lay back on the bed. Eric leaned forward
to hold the towel under his father’s prick and I
released my grip. The air filled with the sharp sperm
odor as the trapped liquid gushed from the puckered
end of his hood onto the towel. I just let it flow,
but didn’t retract his foreskin to wipe the glans
because I knew that this might be painful for Jerry,
with his helmet’s heightened sensitivity. Chris had
now let go of Jerry’s scrotum and he appeared ready
for his orgasm. We left Eric to take care of his
father and moved onto the other side of the bed.
“I’ll do you now,” I said to Chris. “Just relax and
leave the work to me.” I grasped his prick solidly
behind the corona and began stroking the foreskin up
and down the large, mushroom shaped glans. With my
other hand I clasped his balls, which were rapidly
rising against his body. I used long strokes to
uncover the glans each time, so that I could monitor
his excitement by watching the color change. Chris’s
purple mushroom gradually darkened as I continued to
slide his foreskin over its sensitive surface. Out of
the corner of my eye I could see Eric drawing back his
father’s long hood to dab at the surface of the helmet
it had concealed. He milked the residue from Jerry’s
softening prick as I prepared Chris for his orgasm.
“I’m close, really close,” Chris murmured as his
breathing became shallower. I knew that he was because
his mushroom had darkened to a deep purple. I released
his scrotum and wrapped the fingers of my left hand
around his shaft because I was going to try something
different with him.
“When I feel you start to come I’m going to pinch off
your urethra to trap the cream. You’ll feel a lot of
hot pressure in there, and you’ll have some really
terrific sensations in your prick.” Chris nodded,
unable to speak because his mind was totally occupied
with the intense sensations already filling his prick.
His jaw dropped as he began breathing through his
mouth, but his eyes remained open, fixed upon his
prick, where the glans appeared and then vanished
rhythmically as the foreskin engulfed it.
I saw a large drop of clear fluid parting the long
lips of his slit, and I pressed my fingertips into the
bottom bulge of his shaft to pinch off the urethra.
He’d be releasing his sperm at any moment, and I
didn’t want to lose a drop.
“HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” he began to grunt as the
sensations peaked. Suddenly, Lolitas Bbs Pics as powerful throb filled
his shaft and I knew he was on his way, tumbling
helplessly on the steep downhill slope of orgasm. No
stream of cream slammed through the lips of his long
slit because the pressure of my fingers held it
trapped inside his prick. I felt another throb and now
heard Chris scream as he felt the build-up of pressure
inside his urethra. His prick once more throbbed
between my fingers, the urethra distending with the
large volume of sperm he was pouring into it, and I
wondered if some of it was backing up in his system,
leaking into his bladder.
Now Jerry and Eric stood in front of us watching the
spectacle as Chris pumped his sperm into his swelling
urethra, crying out helplessly as the intense
sensations overwhelmed him. I nodded to Eric, who held
the towel under Chris’s prick and balls. After the
next hard throb, Chris sobbed loudly, and I released
the pressure of my fingers and stopped stroking his
foreskin. Again, I smelled the chlorine odor as a
large gush of sperm poured from the Lolitas Bbs Pics lips of his slit,
falling onto the towel. Chris was now taking deep
breaths as he recovered from the frenzy of his orgasm.
He was slowly sinking into the daze that follows.
“Let’s let Chris lie back,” suggested Jerry. “If you
move over here, Jack, we’ll take care of you.”
“Your cock’s been hard the longest,” Eric said Lolitas Bbs Pics to me.
“I think you really need to pop.” He sat next to me
and grasped my prick just below the head to stroke my
foreskin up and down. “Your skin’s pretty tight,” he
continued. “It’s tighter than my dad’s, or the new one
Chris has. Sure it doesn’t hurt?”
“No, not at all,” I answered him. “That tightness
feels really good when you stroke it over the head.”
“Does it feel nice when I twist it?” he asked. “I
learned that little trick from Dad.” I nodded, and
Jerry added:
“I’ve Lolitas Bbs Pics got such a long skin it’s hard to avoid
twisting it when you stroke me. It feels really good.”
I was hardly paying attention to the conversation now
that Lolitas Bbs Pics
my attention was riveted to the heavenly
sensations in my penis as Eric lovingly stroked it. I
did notice Jerry’s hand sliding down my abdoment and
felt his thumb clamp on the top of the shaft at the
base and his index finger pressing into my urethra
“I’m going to do the same to you like you did to
Chris,” he explained. “My thumb’s pressing in on your
deep dorsal vein to make your erection firmer and my
finger’s pinching off your tube underneath.” As his
father spoke, Eric increased his pace on my prick, now
whipping my foreskin up and down the engorged helmet,
snapping it over the flaring rim and downhill over the
glans. The tension was rapidly building in my body,
and I knew that I’d be blasting off within seconds.
“Your tip’s getting very dark,” Eric commented to me.
“The head’s gotten bigger too. That rim’s really
flaring, like mine does when I’m ready to come. I know
how good it feels when I work the skin over your rim.”
A tickle was starting in my corona, making me shudder
in anticipation of the storm that was about to break
over me, and I felt my body tense as the tickle spread
all over Lolitas Bbs Pics my helmet. The nerve endings in my tip were
vibrating now, and the tickle changed to a heavy
tingle. My eyes closed.
“HAAAAHHHHH!” I heard myself yelling in the distance
as the heavy pounding of orgasm began deep inside me.
I felt the jolt as a load of hot cream squirted into
my urethra, but instead of burning its way up my tube
it stopped where Jerry’s strong fingertip had pressed
my urethra shut. I was grunting hard with tension as
another sharp spasm wracked my groin, and the second
discharge of cream poured into the blocked tube,
creating pressure in my urethra. Now I cried out
helplessly as a third discharge poured into my tube
with nowhere to go except back into my bladder. I felt
something pop deep inside me, and a writhing sensation
as hot semen forced itself past my sphincter to shoot
into my bladder. I cried out again as my crotch
muscles contracted to drive another load into my
prick-tube, Lolitas Bbs Pics but this time there was no resistance and
a long jet shot up my prick to pour from my pouting
slit. The sharp odor of chlorine hit my nostrils.
My crotch contracted again, and another discharge
shot up my prick, but with less force. I had several
more spasms, each weaker than the previous one, and
now my fluids were dribbling out of my orifice. Eric
had stopped pumping my foreskin, as my helmet had
become super-sensitive, but Jerry still held on to the
base of my penis to stabilize it.
A couple of minutes passed, during which I lay
stunned by the violence of my climax. My prick began
to shrink, and now Eric gently pressed my foreskin up
over my helmet.
“That was nice to see,” Chris said to me. “Your tip
was so hard, so purple, and it was straining but
nothing came out.” He had watched my orgasm,
vicariously reliving his. “I knew exactly what you
were feeling,” he went on. “I felt like I was going to
burst.” I opened my eyes.
“Wow, that felt like an express train hit me,” I
“That’s what it felt like to me,” Chris said.
“I’ve got to pee,” I said, rising from the bed.
“Me, too,” Chris said, following me into the
“I’m going to do it in the sink. I want to see how
much cream backed up into my bladder.” Chris stood
beside me and we both skinned back fully and aimed our
tips into the sink. I strained for a moment, making my
sphincter relax, and then the stream slowly started,
with white creamy liquid preceding the flow of yellow
urine. Chris released a gush of cream through the long
lips of his slit, followed by the familiar yellow
stream.Continued in Part 10
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